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Hello and help!

Canít believe Iíve hit the third trimester already! 28+1 today, so 11 week 6 days to go, assuming bub makes his/her debut on the due date , or shortly thereafter like my first.

Now for the help part! We wonít find out the sex until birth and we are having a hard time with boy names! What are some unique boy names you like?

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Mum (Mom)
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I'm not sure how unique they are but:


Uhh, can't think of the others rn.

My son's name is Dante Jericho. I don't hear either very often where I'm from.

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It's not unique here in Hawaii, but I bet it would be in Ohio!

Ikaika (pronounced E - kai (like sky or eye)- kah) it means "strength". Kai a good name, meaning "sky".

Clyde and Julius are others that I hear a lot here but not when I lived in the midwest and that really grow on a person. It helps that every one of them has been an awesome person.

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Our 4th son was going to be Sebastian Kage but the other half decided he didn't look like a Sebasitan so we eventually came up with Jackson Wyatt. But other names I liked and considered were:

- Isaac
- Nathaniel
- Odin
- Oliver
- Abel

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