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Anyone here trying a vbac?


I'm now 37 weeks and trying for a vbac.

My first son was a c section because his head got stuck transverse while trying to turn from posterior position in labour. I had an induction with him and an epidural, although I didn't want one pre-labour.

Looking for some others in the same boat as me or who have had successful vbacs to tell their story.

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i'm going for a VBAC. My first baby DD was born natural 2nd DS was born via c section as he was breech and they wanted him out at 39 weeks because i was diagnosed with ICP. This baby i have been given the all clear to do the VBAC but may be induced early because yet again i may have ICP although i'd love to avoid induction if at all possble

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Im trying!!!

Daughter born by section after 7 hours labor cause cord was in knot

Twins born by section after 20 hours labor cause baby A was stuck

So far all good for Vbac with this lil girl

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Yep, me. My first was an emcs with a very similar story to yours actually. Induced and then he got stuck between ROT/ROP and ended in a caesarean.

My second was a VBAC that ended in a third degree tear and forceps. I'm currently 39 weeks with my third and trying for another VBAC, though this time I've been told no forceps, so if I can't push him out then it will be another emcs. My midwife has told me it should actually go easier this time as I have already given birth once vaginally.

The majority of women who try for a VBAC do succeed, so don't feel too nervous!

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I had a c section with my first because he was breech
With my second I had a scheduled c section at 39 weeks but went into labour at 38 weeks, so ended up having a VBAC while waiting for doctors to fit me in for a c section lol.

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First baby EMCS. Next 3 successful VBAC's. DS2 and DS3 were spontaneous labour with drug free labour and birth, DS4 was induced (just waters broken) drug free labour and birth.

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My first son was an emergency c-section because he got stuck on the way out. Had a vbac with my second, though his shoulders got stuck and they ended up having to do an episiotemy.

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I had an emcs after failure to progress past 9cms with my son.

I managed a vbac with my daughter. I did panic when they told me I was 9cms though, expecting everything to stop.

Good luck!

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