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Baby weight at 30 weeks?

Hi all just being nosey.... im.having a little boy he was 3lb 8oz at 30 weeks.... wondering about what he would be born.. it how much others was at this stage. Xxx

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They say that from 32 weeks onwards babies gain 0.5lbs per week. So if you go to 40 weeks then roughly 4lbs more, plus whatever baby puts on in the next two weeks.

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Mine was 4 lbs 3 oz at 29 weeks in my last pregnancy but he was in the 98th percentile. I would guess your baby will be about 8 to 8.5 lbs at birth

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Just had my 32 week check up (I was 31w5d) and said baby was 4lbs3oz. But, in reality baby could be an entire pound above or below that.

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My baby is currently measuring 5lbs 3oz at 31 weeks.

We have scans every couple of weeks now and they say she’s a very big baby, lots of water, large femur length, large head circumference and large (extra large due to poorly kidney and cysts) abdominal circumference.

So she’s estimated to be 9/10lbs but know they often get it wrong.

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I think my 3rd baby was about 3lb at 28 weeks and was born 9lb 13oz at 41 weeks

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Had a scan today at 34+4 and baby is about 6lbs 15oz 😱

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About 4lb at 30+1!

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I had a growth scan on Wednesday when I was 28+3 and she was 3lb 3 and on the 95th centile. They said if my next two growth scans she is plotting above the line. Will has a sweep at38 weeks. My other two girls were 8lb 12 and 9lb 4

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Mine was 3lb 4oz at 30 weeks and he weighed 8lb 3oz at birth. He was 4 days late xx

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