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It depends really. They tend to work better on women who have already had a baby. As a rule one sweep isn't enough to do the job.

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It’s not so much that they work or don’t work it’s more it only works if your body is already ready to go into labor. If it is not it will never work and sometimes can cause more harm than good as it increases stress and lack of trust from the mother about her bodies ability to go into labor. I have only had one done at 40+1 with my second and it did work but I had been up having contractions all night the night before and was already 5cm so she just did it to tip me over the edge as my mum was going to England 2 days later and we didn’t want her to miss the birth.
I would personally decline before 40 weeks unless it is to try and avoid induction but if you do choose to I hope your body is ready and it works for you. Sending you lots of labor dust hun. Try to relax and enjoy the final weeks of being one with baby

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I've had two that both worked. With my first daughter I had a sweep at 39 weeks at 10am, at 7pm that evening i lost my plug and 9pm went ino labour. She was born at 4am the next day.

With my second daughter I had a sweep at 40+5 and was told my cervix wasn't very favourable and doubted it would work. It set me off the next day and I was in labour 6 hours.

I would defiantly have one this time around as soon as I'm offered it xx

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Originally Posted by Zephram View Post
Sweeps are pretty hit and miss. I had one with my first and it didn’t work. I just had irregular contractions for a day after which did nothing except get me to 1cm and I had to be induced at 41+2.

I also had one with my second at 41 weeks and I went into labour with him the day after.

I’ve just had one today with my third baby as I’m overdue again. Will know in the next 24 hours or so if it’s going to do anything.
Wanted to come back and update this. The sweep I had on Thursday did basically nothing! The midwife couldn't reach quite high enough to do it properly, so that'll be the reason why, but I'm really surprised that I haven't had any cramps or anything after it. I did lose a big clump of mucus plug on Friday morning and this got me hopeful that something was happening, but here we are on Saturday in NZ, 48 hours later, and nothing happening whatsoever.

Meeting my midwife for a CTG tomorrow so I'm assuming she's going to try again then as on Wednesday I am booked to get baby out either way, whether it has to be induction or ELCS (my first was an EMCS, second a VBAC, so this time I get to choose).

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I think they work if youíre close to being ready. If your body isnít ready itís really very hard to get the baby out XD

First pregnancy had a sweep at 41 weeks and didnít do anything!

Second had one at 38 weeks and baby was born 12 hrs later.

Thereís also some doctors or midwives who are just better and doing the sweep properly Iím guessing. My Midwife the second time did an awesome sweep and it barely hurt. The first time around it was super painful.

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