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A bit sad about this being my last baby!

I'm 32 weeks with my 2nd baby and this is likely going to be my last

DH has an older child from a previous relationship and has been quite firm that we're not having anymore after this one! I know that 2 children is quite normal and I may well feel different after living with 2 for a while but I can't help feeling sad! My DS is 2 and I work full time so this pregnancy has whizzed by and I can't remember most of it!

Anyone else in a similar boat? Hubby keeps semi-joking about getting the snip but i'm scared that he actually will, and that the chance for a belated 3rd baby will be gone!

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Hi! This is my third (although still v early stages) and Ive always wanted four, but my husband is saying absolutely not. It does make me feel sad, but Im holding out hope either he will change his mind or when this baby arrives I will feel done!

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This is my 2nd and most likely my last. I'm the same in that with a yoddler and work I've sort of missed the whole pregnancy. You dont get much time to sit around and take it in. Mind you, i could not do the morning sickness there are certainly parts i won't miss!

Make sure you take a few moments to commit it to memory just incase

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This is my last. Im trying to enjoy every day and make the most of it. I love being pregnant and babies so it makes me a bit sad. But I am now also excited to be able to get a bit of me back in a few years.

Although I completely understand how you feel as was the same when I was st number 2 and number 3

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I just had my last baby. I was adamant through my entire pregnancy she was my last. But then I had her and instantly wanted another. Part of me still does, I'm really struggling with being done.

But.. my DH does not want more and realistically two is all we can manage. I'm trying so hard to accept it and move forward to the next chapter of our lives.

DH plans to get a vasectomy this summer so it really will be final in a few months.

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