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Endorectal scan

Has anyone had an endorectal scan? Due to a third degree tear during my daughter's birth 7 years ago I'm being sent for an endorectal scan to check how things healed. I'm Going to opt for a c section anyway but I'm nervous about what this scan entails 🙈

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Did you doctor give you the choice for c-section or say you had to have it?

I had a 4th degree tear and am having a C-Section this time I THINK. I'm like 90% sure, but my OB is letting me decide if I want to try labor first.....

Anyways, I asked if I should get an endorectal /endoanal scan and was told they've never referred anyone for that. That if my bowels are working fine (they are) then I've probably healed fine. I would still want to get the scan though but they wouldn't refer me.

It would help me make the choice.

Do you know why you are getting one even if a C-Section is already decided?

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