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My fundal height was 6 weeks ahead at 17 weeks with Emma, and 8 weeks ahead from 20 weeks. Nothing at all abnormal with her size and my fluid levels were a little low towards the end, not high or anything. She was 7lbs 8oz and average length.
Are you in the uk? The uterus is barely palpable at 17 weeks I知 shocked you had a fundal height measurement so early. They should start at 26-28 weeks x
I'm in New Zealand, but similar public health system. The midwife will palpate here from 20 weeks normally, but I could feel the fundus above my bellybutton and we could see the baby moving from the outside (even the midwife was shocked) so I was freaking out that something was amiss.

Honestly it was like being 30 weeks pregnant. My other two were a different experience. She was checking for the heartrate on the doppler and said my uturus was ridiculously huge for 17 weeks.

Everything was fine and still have no idea why my fundal height was always so massive. I did end up with a tear in my uterus at the end though.

I mean I have seen women with sizeable bumps in the early part of the second trimester but with first times mums it is particularly difficult to palpate a fundus at 17 weeks and taking fundal height measurement is of no clinical significance until after 28 weeks as where I work a growth scan will not be carried out until after this gestation x it痴 always super interesting to hear how different things are done in different areas/countries x

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I知 going today for mw and I知 hoping to measure on track. My gestational diabetes numbers have been a bit high but the diabetes team said they aren稚 concerned unless my Midwife measures me and I知 big... feeling big though if I知 honest :/

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