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I don't get many movements? 29weeks

Anyone else? I don't get a lot of movements and never have. It panics me- worried something is wrong with baby neurologically (always had normal scans). It concerns me more as obviously you are meant to go in with reduced movements but what if you've never had that many movements? I am so anxious this pregnancy and this isn't helping!

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This was one of my biggest concerns this whole pregnancy. I have an anterior placenta which I’m guessing blocks some movement.

I had the same with my dd1. To be honest I couldn’t even do kick counts until 37 weeks, and even then she’s still calm a lot. Not sure why I don’t feel it very much.

She always sounds/looks great at appointments. I was convinced my DD1 wouldn’t have working legs when she was born because I never felt anything! She was born kicking and screaming!

Dd2 is the same so far. I feel a lot more now at 38+4 (my ticker is wrong), but it’s still not the typical “kicks” you hear about. More like shifting and rolling. All subtle and gentle.

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I have an anterior placenta and none of my movements are the 'look a foot!' that others get....DH has a hard time catching her, which makes me feel bad as our DS was such a wiggle worm in the womb!!! I keep waiting for movements to get 'bigger' and have the same fears as you. BUT baby does meet kick count requirements even if they are smaller movements so I try not to worry and just remember it's positioning, placenta, etc.

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There is no set number of movements that a baby should make. The key is the PATTERN of movements. You should get to know your own baby’s pattern and if this changes you call your midwife or maternity triage.

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