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Feeling something is going to go wrong

I'm 29 weeks and ever since finding out I was pregnant I've been convinced something is going to go wrong! We were trying for 2 years and it was a huge shock when we found out about this baby, but even now at 29 weeks I feel like it's just too good to be true!

Anyone else had anything similar xx

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I'm a very anxious person and I thought that the entire pregnancy with my son. I was almost shocked when he was born pink and screaming lol. He's now 6 and great.

With this pregnancy I am still anxious and we also struggled with secondary infertility, but it helps to know/remember that no matter how anxious I was with my son, he turned out healthy!

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Same. With my son it was easy but this one we tried for two and a half years and it was a shock. I've been sort of disconnected and convinced at every stage so far that something has gone wrong.
It's hard when you've had a bumpy road at the start TTC.
What helps me is to look at my son and also when out look at how many children you see day to day. It's a normal thing you're doing and you're very likely to have a happy healthy baby at the end

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