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Nervous about induction and sad I値l never experience spontaneous labor

I was emergency induced with my first due to pre-e, and I just had my induction scheduled this time around for Monday (hypertension and GD).

I am nervous about the induction and the possible cascade of interventions (everything went fairly well with my first but you never know with these things). I am also sad and frustrated that I値l likely never get to experience spontaneous labor. (This is absolutely our last.) Also my ticker is wrong, I am only 39+3 so even less likely to go into labor before Monday.

I realize that I have a few more days until my induction, but I致e had no signs of labor whatsoever. My midwife gave me a sweep today and I had a tiny bit of brown spotting, but that was it.

Now here I am at 4am, unable to sleep due to anxiety, and feeling sorry for myself.

Just needed a bit of a rant I guess.

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What’s the reason for inducing you this time? You do have the right to decline any intervention including the induction. There are alternatives. Daily no checks daily nst and the list goes on so that you can avoid induction. Sometimes they are obviously necessary others they are just scheduled as well it was an emergency last time so just in case that happens again we will induce you anyway when there could have been no need for it.
I don’t know if it would help now but inserting evening primrose oil next to your cervix two gel caps at night before bed and Nipple stimulation are great labor inducers. You could also go to an acupuncture session

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I was induced with my DS and this will be a C-Section (90%.....they are giving me the choice but they think I should elect the section).

Anyways, I was induced with my DS for the same reasons as you--- hypertension and GD. I also got a sweep but it didn't work. I tried ALL THE THINGS the days before my induction!!! I guess it wouldn't hurt.....DTD, spicy foods, pineapple,walk A LOT, I was inserting evening primrose oil....nothing worked though you are week further than I was!

Anyways, I will likely never experience spontaneous labor, either. I also wonder what it would be like to have that experience but at the same time you don't have to worry about having a baby in your car or the grocery store or something.

Sorry I'm no help. Thinking of you, though. And no matter what your feelings are valid and this time next week it will all be a blur as you'll have your wee one in your arms!!!

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I'm so sorry to hear you're down about being induced. We women expect our bodies to do things on their own and sometimes that doesn't always happen, then we feel like we've failed somehow. I know lots of ladies who had to be induced for various reasons, some of them simply because they went to 41/42 weeks without any signs of labor. Honestly I've never been induced but I'm in woe for the opposite reason... I can't make it to my due date. My closest was with my first but all the others came a week to a month before my due date and it makes me sad, like my body can't hold them in for some reason. I nearly broke down with my last baby when they told me that I was in labor at only 35 weeks! I guess the silver lining of being induced is that, unlike with spontaneous labor, at least you have a set date of your child's birthday. Saying that is probably no help but my point is that we always try to beat ourselves up when things don't go as planned. I offer you all the hugs in the world

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I've had two inductions (due to going over due date by up to 12 days), and I imagine my third will be the same. (Unless I have to have a section due to the complications I had with no2)

It is nerve racking, but you'll be in the hospital the whole time, and as long as you have a clear idea of how you would like things to progress in different situations, then you will get through it.

I had a back to back baby with my second which required some pretty hefty intervention, which left me in a bad state at the time, mentally and physically, but I've healed, and whatever happens during yours, you will too.

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