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Thanks ladies! I'm back!!

I flew both ways and it was was easy. I'm 30 weeks. I got the gate agent to give me Economy Plus and aisle seats both ways and I just drank a TON of water. Avoided most of the foot swelling. Baby kicked a ton and seemed to like the trip lol.

The hardest part was standing in long lines at TSA. I wish they let pregnant ladies skip the line. Then taking off my shoes and sweater, all the bending, it kind of wore me out but I just had a good sit for a few minutes and was good as new.

I'll let you know about the moving part lol.

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Glad your flights were ok!
Fx the move follows suit and is stress free!

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Glad the travel part went well!

Iíve never moved while pregnant, but we moved a month after I had my daughter. I did a lot of the packing, but I didnít lift anything heavy. We had a lot of help from family. Cleaning the new house and setting up and getting lunch and dinner. I was breastfeeding so I pretty much sat in a chair half the day with a baby on my boob. If you have people willing to help you definitely accept the help. Label and organize everything as youíre packing. Like what room everything needs to go in. I would have much rather been at the end of my pregnancy (I think)than caring for a 1 month old when we moved.
I hope everything goes well with your move!!

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I moved a few weeks before having my first, and let me tell you, I've never unpacked our house so quickly, thanks to nesting!

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WIth my oldest I attempted to move at 37 weeks, but my waters broke in the shower the morning of the move, so we had to move 2 weeks after she was born instead. Not sure if moving had anything to do with it or not - I had been really busy packing boxes the day before, but it might just have been her time anyway.

Hope your moving day is less eventful!

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