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Did your placenta move it if you had complete placenta previa?

Just curious.

I was dx with cpp at 19 week anatomy scan. I've had a prior c section which apparently only gives it a 50% chance to move up.

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I've had a previous section and mine is low too! They didn't say pp but they just said it's low lying, I've heard in most cases is does move up! There's still time for it to move! I know someone who was scheduled for a section with a low placenta and the day before the section it moved! Don't lose hope x

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I had partial placenta previa at my 20 weeks scan, they have booked me in for another scan on 18th April to see if it has moved. I did ask at my growth scan last week and she said it had moved but was still sat very close.

They said when I start to dilate, it should pull it completely back. Im hoping so because this is my third and I have never had a section x

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Mine did. At my anatomy scan I had previa, but at 30ish weeks they did a 2nd scan and had completely moved, not even low lying anymore.

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