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Doing a nightfeed, thought Iíd check back 😊 Thankyou for the replies ladies! Induced 2 days overdue just incase this was another big baby and caused more damage! Born 23 hours after induction started. Had the string pessary 24 hours, then had dissolvable pessary in at midday, mild pains every 5 mins all day, 8.15 that night I decided it was unbearable, went on the gas and air and everything happened verryyy fast. I was so off my face on the stuff and the pressure during labour was unreal. I was checked (not sure what time this was) and was 4-5cm she broke my waters as that was the plan at 6oclock if they could but they hadnít had chance to check as they were busy. So broke my waters and what I thought happened straight after (honestly lost track of time from the gas and air at this point) I was saying i needed to push because the pressure was crazy!! Told me not to, pushed anyway! Checked me what felt like straight after and was fully dialated! Hubby reckoned I was pushing for about 20 mins, they lost his heartbeat while pushing partly probably because I was moving about the bed abit but because he had moved down so fast, put the little clip on his head, there was no push pant stop! I just pushed him out because the pressure I couldnít stand, born at 22.12, they said first degree tear but had no stitches! Wahoo! 8 pound 7 ounce aswell 😁😁 im just a week post partum now and feel as though Iv nearly healed, still got the pressure, I brought home a few diamond shaped pots from the hospital to wee standing up with but past couple days Iím managing to sit on the toilet. Scary shocking fast birth, canít remember much but thatís not a bad thing lol! Got my lovely little boy here now! Iv passed a few small clots in the first few days but my blood loss is so minimal itís crazy! All went the opposite of what I expected. Only thing now is the pressure still there, feel like somethings falling out and getting a lot of trapped air down there so I sit and feel a bubble sort of pop out( sorry tmi!!!) hopefully with time this will pass and a soon as I get all sensation back there Iíll be doing those pelvic floor exercises all day long 😂 sorry if this is long, rambling, grammar errors, tired mama!! 💙💙💙

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Congratulations! So glad it went well. Sounds similar to my 3rd birth. I wasn't induced but once it decided to get going it really got going! MW checked me and said I was 5cm, it was going to be a while yet. Then my waters broke and I was pushing. He was born something like 30mins after being checked and being 5cm. It was totally different from my other births that were long and drawn out.

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Oyyyy (hug) Don`t worry too much. I was the same with my first son. I was so scared that I couldn`t make any decision. In the end it was way better that I have expected. of course it was my first time and I didn`t know what to expect but worrying is not helping at all so calm down and think about butterflies )))))



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