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32 weeks... been unwell for 5 weeks??

So Iím just wondering if anyone else is like this, related to pregnancy? Or...? I dunno.

It started with an ear infection, didnít require treatment. Then a kidney infection, admitted to hospital and put on 5 days antibiotics, 200mg trimeprothrim (sp?) twice a day. Was okay for 2 days, kidney infection came back, another 5 days antibiotics, 250mg cefalexin 4 times a day. Then a cold which set off my asthma and gave me a chest infection, now I have a sinus infection causing headaches so bad I canít lift my head up.. and I just feel generally really crap!

Something is amiss I think ???

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Pregnancy does lower your immune system. That's probably all that's happening. Rest up Mama! Hope you feel better soon.

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I'm a little late chiming in, but you poor lady! I do hope you're feeling better soon.

Partially it's the pregnancy, but the fact that these are all hitting back to back depletes your body and makes it harder to fight off the next thing that's coming. Get as much sleep as you can (it really does affect your immune system!) and just hang in there, lovely.

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I've been sick more than normal this winter. Not all back to back like that but it is certainly our immune systems being lower. I agree to rest up, hopefully you are not working or anything.

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