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ANYONE measuring ahead?

So at 33.5 weeks I was measuring 35.

Iím pretty sure at this point with my last 2 it was the same but I canít remember 100%... and then I didnít get too much bigger from that point on.

Just concerned this time because of gestational diabetes possible making baby big. I wish I could remember for sure what I was measuring with my other girls but I canít.

Anyways what are all you ladies measuring at and are you concerned at all?

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Old Mar 29th, 2018, 02:07 AM   2
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Hey Reiko!
This is my first baby, and I have always measured ahead up until 24th or 28th week, then baby`s growth slowed down which actually made me a little nervous. Dr said the baby is measuring right on track at the moment, at 40th percentile. From what I read online, this is not a bad number, but I keep wondering why the baby`s growth slowed down. With family history of pre-e & other conditions, there is a chance that I might go into labor early, so I would be a little calmer if the baby measures ahead
But oh well, nothing much I can do but hope for the best

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Im measuring huge. They don't tell me on weeks but im on the 97th centile at my growth scans. I have another scan booked in for Wednesday when I will be 34+3 and if she is still on the 97th line, they are going to look at inducing me at 37 weeks.

This is my third, my first daughter was 8lb 12oz 2 days early and my second daughter was 9lb 4oz 5 days late, so I don't do small babies x

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I did with both my kids but there was no concern. I measured the same with my first then 38 at 35, 42 at 36 then got smaller as he dropped. I was also 33cm at 28 weeks with my second. There were no issues at all.

Also mine were just 8lb 3oz and 7lb 1oz.

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Iím measuring big too 3 weeks a head at the moment. So Iím definitely heading for another 9lb baby!! They donít seem concerned as Iím growing steadily.

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Yep measured 2 weeks ahead with my last and they guessed his weight at 10lb from a growth scan but he was 8lb 9oz

This one measuring 2 weeks ahead again and got a growth scan tomororw

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I measured 3 weeks ahead by the end of my pregnancy with my 1st, no GD. He was 9lbs 15oz so on the bigger side but not huge. I measured 4 weeks behind by the end with my 1st DD and 3 weeks with my 2nd, they were 8lb and 8lb 9oz respectively so very normal weights and not small like the scans/fh measurements suggested they might be.

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I measured bigger with each pregnancy. My last baby was not my biggest. I measured 5 weeks ahead at one point!

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at 27 weeks my fundal height put me at 30 weeks so had to go for a growth scan. had growth scan last week and measuring on 50th centile and fluid normal! so.if just ahead on belly measurement i defo wouldn't worry

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Have they checked you for polyhydramnios? I measured ahead with my last baby because of excessive fluid, although he was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead at every appointment. He was also a big baby. He was born early at 35w3d (because of the polyhydramnios causing me to go into premature labor) and was 7lbs 10.5oz already. Couldn't imagine what he would have been had I have went anywhere close to my due date.

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