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Feel Nauseous everytime I eat!

Is it just me? Im 34 weeks and everything I eat no matter how little I feel sick about half hour later.

All yesterday I felt rough, and could only eat tiny amounts of toast and fruit.

Today I woke up feeling better, had a bowl of cereal and now I feel sick again.

I don't remember having this with my other 2 x

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ME too. I think your hormones start increasing again around like, 32/33 weeks and basically put you back in first tri mode. I feel nauseous after eating all the time, probably for at least 4 weeks now. I can’t wait to be done and just feel normal again. It sucks!!

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Old Apr 6th, 2018, 15:04 PM   3
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Me too!

I feel hungry so I eat then about twenty minutes later feel really sick. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat I get the same feeling. It is worst in the morning, seems to ease slightly in the afternoon then gets bad again in the evening. I just don’t feel like I will feel ‘normal’ again until this baby is here (then I will be exhausted!)

You don’t have too much longer now. Hoping it eases for you soon.

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Ugh, same here but it only started this week for me. I've put it down to having less space in my stomach and all the extra hormones. At least it won't be long now. I hope it eases for you soon.

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