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Small bump !!

Hello lovelies

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and i am SICK and TIRED of hearing people sayin' my bump is too small. This is my second child. I am now getting concerned because of all the comments....My doctor doesn't seem too worried, but I am hearing comments on my small bump.

Please anyone can relate and everything was fine with their babies?????

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I've had this throughout the whole pregnancy! As long as your doctor isn't concerned I wouldn't worry! Baby takes what he/she needs so unless your doctor things something is wrong...just think it's less weight to lose at the end!! X

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Hey Jasmine,
Try not to stress yourself with those comments, as long as the baby is growing & healthy. Do you have any growth scan coming up or had one recently?
I have been doing prenatal yoga for the last 4 months, and have been seeing all different shapes and sizes of bumps, it really depends on the person. Mine is very small too, and I get that comment quite often, but I have been having regular growth scan and everything is well with the baby. So I actually enjoy being on smaller side, it makes moving around much easier

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I definitely had this with my 1st pregnancy, I was so petite back then and was only 7st when I got pregnant, I stayed very much in my size 6 jeans throughout the pregnancy and at 30-40 weeks Id have people ask how long I have left, they were shocked when Id say 10 weeks or less, they expected me to be around 14 weeks 😂 she was a healthy 7lbs! I had a few growth scans with her as my midwife was forever worrying and my measurements never added up, scans showed baby I be fine and she actually was 😊

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My first I was measuring small and had several growth scans to monitor for IUGR. It's ok if baby is small, as long as they are continuing to grow week to week. In the end he came 12 days overdue and was 6 lb 13 oz. A good size but tiny for being overdue (i think he was 5th percentile or something). I would constantly get comments about bump size and it was hard because it kept bringing up all my concerns and wasn't helpful. Just remember that people mean well and they don't realize that you dont want the comments. If it is consistently the same people maybe mention something.

Also, if you have any concerns ask your doctor for a scan. In all likelihood baby is fine but would ease your stress to get a growth scan and see where they are measuring.

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