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Help with sleeping positions?

So Iím almost 35 weeks and the past few days sleeping has been bruuuutal. Iím sleeping on my side with a million pillows to help support me, but Iím waking up every hour or so with pain in my hip if Iím on my left and pain in my ribs if Iím on my right. Then I have to turn over which is difficult and painful to do because of my pelvis being sore, and Iím just not sleeping as well as I used to

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I feel your pain, Sander. I sleep with two pillows between my legs.

I'm trying to sleep on the left, to encourage baby to move to that side. The hip pain is killer. When it wakes me up, I just angle myself a little differently, to take the pressure off a little, while still staying on my left.
I turn just a tiny bit so that the pressure is on my left buttock, rather than directly on my hip. I put a pillow behind my back at this point so I stay in this position and don't move onto my back.
The other position I take is to straighten out my left leg, and bend my right knee and bring it over. This again moves the pressure from directly off the hip.
The last resort is to get up and sit for a few minutes, until the pain eases off before lying down again.
Hope this makes sense. I've sort of resigned myself to putting up with it, but it's really painful with PGP!

Hang in there

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Oh Sander, I feel you. I hope some ladies have some good advice.

I sleep alone in our bed, hubby kicked out to the I have two pillows behind me, and a pregnancy pillow on my left side which contours to me but I STILL wake up sore and uncomfortable and toss back and forth all night. I prefer my right side but my doctor said to try to stay on the left if I can.

Don't be afraid to take Tylenol/paracetamol for the pain.

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