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Painful bump?

Hi ladies.
Looking for advice really.
I have a fairly active job (Care assistant) and this past week, whilst at work, Iíve been getting stomach pains. It goes from the top of my bump to the bottom vertically on both sides, whether Iím being active or just standing still. The bottom of my bump is also very tender and I get a lot of muscular cramps - to the point itís tender if I stand up straight from sitting. It feels muscular, almost as if my bump is too heavy and is pulling on the muscles. If I Ďholdí my bump, supporting it, it eases the pain. But obviously I canít do my job if Iím doing that. Itís also very tender whenever the baby rolls - but always has been.
Sheís very active, pretty much all day and night.
Iím wondering if anyone else has this pain and how they treat it or avoid it? I do 14 hour shifts back to back, Mon-Wed and 9 hours thurs and Fri. Taking time off isnít possible right now as Iíve only just started with a new company so canít risk losing my position and to be honest we need the money. Iím only 27 weeks so early maternity isnít possible either.
I donít know what to do

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Sounds like yould benefit from a bump support belt it works wonders and sounds like round ligament pain try explqin to your boss they should lower your dutys within work or have you looked into employment support allowence i had a operation where i work in a nursery and wasnt intitled to sick pay so whilst recovering i could still be getting a small amount of my wages maybe discuss it with your midwive or doctor but i do swear by that bump belt xx

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