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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 08:16 AM   1
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Sweep experiences?

First off a bit of background
Baby 1) born 5 days late with no sweep
Baby 2) born 5 days early with no sweep
Baby 3) was due 6 days ago (I am 41 weeks tomorrow) still no signs of labour.

I am due a sweep Tuesday (will be 41 weeks + 2 days) which I have never experienced before, my son was booked in for one but was born 6 hours before it was due so managed to avoid it.

I know it's going to be unpleasant/painful which I am preparing myself for but have a few questions.

How many sweeps have you had?

How many of the sweeps worked?

How long did it take for labour to begin after the sweep?

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 09:45 AM   2
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Already in labour only had one it felt like she had her whole hand up there scraping the whole off my insides out but baby was out 15 minuits later xx

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 10:34 AM   3
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My sweeps weren't terribly uncomfortable! My with my first labour did start within the 48 hours they said it could take, it was approaching the end of the day later though, had sex and propped a pillow underneath and within mins I started contracting, I believe it was the sex more than the sweep. With my second I had one sweep and it never made a difference, woke up in labour at 10 days overdue.

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 13:52 PM   4
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I had a sweep at 10am with my first daughter at 39 weeks, lost my plug at 7pm that night and had her at 4am.

Second daughter had a sweep at 40+3, it really hurt and she said I wasn't favourable and booked me in for another one a week later. I went into labour 2 days later.

I've got another one on Wednesday at 38+3 because she's measuring big and I'm praying it works

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 14:32 PM   5
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I had one on my due date with my first, I lost my show that evening and had her the following afternoon (less than 24 hours after the sweep)

It wasn't too uncomfortable- just try and relax. I'd get one again if needed with this baby.

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 14:57 PM   6
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I had a sweep but it didnít work. DTD seemed to work as I went into labour after that

Good luck x

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 15:04 PM   7
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One sweep at 41 weeks, I was absolutely clamped shut so it was hideously uncomfortable. And it did frig all. I declined a sweep with my second!

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 16:51 PM   8
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Had 3 sweeps with my 1st..nothing i was induced at 10 days late. Had 5 with my 2nd...nothing i was induced at 12 days overdue.. can't even remember how many i had with my 3rd!! Nothing still and induced 10 days overdue. My babies just don't ever want to come out lol. Not holding much hope out for this one either!! X

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 16:59 PM   9
Eleanor ace
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I had 3 sweeps with my 1st LO. None of them worked, I found them uncomfortable and definitely didn't enjoy them, but I knew that soon enough I'd be feeling a lot worse!
With my 2nd I had a sweep and was favourable (dilated & soft cervix) and it wasn't painful. I went into labour about 1.5 days later.
With my 3rd I had a sweep and it was unpleasant, I wasn't favourable and it didn't send me into labour.

For me, being favourable for labour definitely helped with my comfort level. If I had any more LO's I would still accept a sweep if I was due/overdue, in the hope that it helped, but if they said I wasn't favourable and it hurt I'd tell them to stop.

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Old Apr 29th, 2018, 09:57 AM   10
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I had two sweeps with my son and had nothing. Ended up being induced 15 days late.

So far Iíve had two with this pregnancy and still nothing. Currently 10 days late. Due another sweep tomorrow and Iím booked in to be induced on Thursday so Iím hoping tomorrowís sweep will do the trick!!

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