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Acrylic nails in labour?

So I'm in the UK and I've heard mixed things about being aloud to have acrylic nails for birth/section?

Does anyone know? Is it different at different hospitals I've heard really conflicting things x

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Im not to sure but in my head if you go into labour premeturly im pretty sure there not gonna tell you to keep your legs shut until you take them off maybe different for a planned section but i emergency most probley not xx

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Think planned section they like them off. Emergency like other poster said you can't take them off by yourself lol

I laboured natural with my second and had acrylic nails on No one said anything

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They do take them off for emergency sections. They canít check oxygen saturation with them on. I think they only take 1 off though?

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Normally hospitals insist of having at least one acrylic off for any procedure but I've had acrylics on while in a and e and it still read my saturation well but they insist I have a bare nail when I go in for my infusions.

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Old May 3rd, 2018, 14:40 PM   6
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Was told to remove mine before 37 weeks due to them not being able to monitor oxygen levels my colleague had to remove 1 nail to get readings but all depends on labour progression i have heard this happening a few times but I suppose that is hospital in Kent for you

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I removed mine. As people mentioned most hospitals require clear nails for surgery because it’s an easy, quick visual on your oxygen/status. So I was told have no nail polish in case of emergency section and while I am sure they can and will take them off if it was an emergency situation I wouldn’t waste precious moments wasted scraping or removing acrylics

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I haven't been told to take mine off at all, I have had O2 read via the finger thing fine and my acrylics are polished. Would having a clear nail be okay to read the rates?

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