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Preparing for Labour when you have other children

Is anybody else trying to get all the washing and ironing done ad organising the kids rooms so it's easy for daddy to find things for the kids 😂

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Haha! When I was getting close with my second I had everything pretty much ready just in case and a list all written out on the fridge of where my stuff and my sons stuff was and what he needed to bring for himself. You know just in case I wasn’t there or I couldn’t deal with it.

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We luckily live with my parents, so they are going to watch our 2 year old while we are at the hospital. They know his routine and everything, and his daycare is right on my mom's way to work, so it'll actually be super easy. We will just have to make sure that we have all his laundry done and his car seats installed in my parents' cars.

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Yes! I'm still doing loads of washing. I have to run to the shop tomorrow to get more laundry detergent.

Not just uniforms and things - I'm basically washing absolutely everything that needs to be washed so I don't have to think about it later. DH thinks I've gone nuts. I'm just like, "You wait till afterwards..."

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