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Originally Posted by HopeBT View Post
If you dont mind sharing, how is PGP felt and diagnosed?
I didnt have much pain or anything down there the whole pregnancy, and suddenly starting 2-3 days ago, my pubic bone and lady part is extremely sore, like I got kicked repeatedly there. Hurts when I sit down, walking or laying down
Its so sudden and severe, I cannot say what it is. From what I read, it can be some sort of relaxant loosening my pelvis for baby passing, but also can be PGP. I am wondering if I can get PGP this late (at almost 38 weeks)

What you're describing (feeling like being kicked between the legs) sounds like PGP. When the front of the pubis is affected, it used to be called SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction).

It started for me at 20 weeks, and then one of the joints at the back got affected too. I see an osteopath, who has helped hugely with the back pain, but she said that they can't do much about the pain at the front and we have to wait it out. For me, it currently extends into the perineum.

Do you use a belly support belt? That should help a bit, as it will help to hold your weight up.
Keep your weight evenly distributed on your legs when standing, i.e., don't put all of your weight on one leg or the other. Also - try your best to keep your knees together as much as possible (when getting out of cars, etc).
When you lie down or sleep, make sure you have a pillow or two between your legs, but it has to support you all the way down to your ankles and not just between the thighs and knees.
If you have to climb stairs, go up one stair at a time, i.e. put both feet on the same stair before tackling the next one.

I've also been told to make sure that the people overseeing labour/birth know that I have PGP. You don't want to open your legs past the point that is comfortable.

It's probably worth mentioning to your midwife or doctor, depending on where you are.

I know people who developed PGP quite late in their pregnancies. I wonder if your LO has dropped into your pelvis. This would increase the pressure....

The physiotherapist told us to do a handful of exercises. Some of them are listed here:

It's a pain in the.....I was going to say neck, but pelvis is more appropriate, I guess.

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With the “take it easy” I usually see it more as people saying “take this chance to relax while you can!” Rather than them saying I should limit myself in any way. More of a be kind to yourself now, before you have a newborn. Especially so if it’s your first baby, because once the baby is here there is no time to take it easy ever again lol! 5 years in and I would relish a chance to do so!!

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