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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by someone23 View Post
Just out of curiosity whose tried this and what happened? Did labor start? And for the record I'm an oncology registered nurse so don't try me about oh it's not safe blah blah blah crap.. not saying I'm trying it just want knowledge... TIA

I gave birth today at 230pm to a 6lb 8oz healthy baby boy. But how he got here "ssshhhh" tmi. Since hubby not around I was fooling around with my toy tmi tmi and contractions started and he arrived 4 hours later! But I'm happy it's over.. I'm so tired and sore.. but I can't stop holding him and being in love! Thanks for the support ladies
Yes! What a totally natural way to kick start labour! Go you! Well done and congrats 😊

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Aw congratulations!! Did your OH get back in time?! X

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Mum (Mom)
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Congrats x

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Congrats on your baby boy!

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