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Honestly I'm not surprised that your doctor is hesitant about prescribing anti-depressents. My midwife is the same way... she won't prescribe me more than the minimum amount of Zoloft. I always suffer from a bit of depression during pregnancy and it has gotten worse with each baby. I think for me it is more because we don't have much help and the end of pregnancy is always the hardest. I just want to rest and I can't. After the baby is born and I take the meds for a few months, I'm usually back to my usual self so it makes me think that my depression is mostly hormone related. Honestly, in four previous pregnancies, I've never bonded with any of my babies right away (I mean you're trying to heal and the hospital just throws you directly into motherhood) so definitely ask for help with the baby if you feel overwhelmed at any point. Don't try to be superwoman. Now that my children are older and more self sufficient, it is a lot easier and we have a great bond but I'm secretly not looking forward to the baby years again, especially since this baby wasn't planned.

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