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stir crazy
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27+2 swollen lady bits!!

Hello ladies, im 27+2 and for the past 4 days my lady bits have been swollen and just uncomfortable, i had thrush with a previous pregnancy and its not like that. I have no nasty discharge or smell and the entrance and inside is fine its just the outer parts(the inner side of lips) i managed to take a peek and the only thing i see that is different is dark blue veins! When sitting down it aches almost feels ichty,then when i stand up its like theres a rush of blood to the area and it throbs for a few mins. Going to phone midwife shortly, but what are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading xx

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I think it is normal although I would still see what your midwife says. From increased pressure due to the size of the baby and increased blood flow the lady bits can become quite swollen, however it usually isn't supposed to be itchy. It could be that you have GBS. This can cause itchiness and burning when you pee in some women, others it is there without showing any symptoms. They're supposed to swab you for it at around 36 weeks but you can get it any time during pregnancy.

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I agree, I think it's normal but definitely call your doctor to double check. I always call when something is weird or new to me because I'd rather be safe than sorry, you know?

But yeah, we're almost exactly the same and I have swollen bits as well most days. Especially when the baby is low, like he is today

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My bits were very swollen and sore round about 32 weeks and it was thrush!

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