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This is our 3rd and last, for definite this time. We thought it after number 2 as for us we are kind of rolling the dice a little on getting another baby with complications like my son has, they as yet cant prove genetic or not. I am going to ask for my tubes to be tied at my C-Section, I am too old to do it again anyway. Irony will probably be that we will get a non genetic diagnosis as soon as I do that!

I am sad about it, but I know it would be too hard to do it again, have copped enough flack from friends and family for doing this one, no one can understand why we would given that we have our hands full with DS disability but no one can understand that his life expectancy is unknown and I want my DD to have someone regardless of everything!

I love being pregnant, I love the kicks etc but I have been lucky to avoid SPD etc, this time round i have GD which is an un-required complication but still nothing compared to those of you living in pain!

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We are like 99% sure this is our last.
We have 1 boy & 2 girls & this one is another girl.

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