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Feeling clueless second time round

Anyone else feel like despite going through labour before that they feel clueless as what to expect?

I had my DS 18 months ago so it's not as though I've not done it all in years but I'm struggling to remember what to really expect. It is totally silly stuff like when to get changed into the clothes that I plan on giving birth wearing or when to know when to phone the hospital or how to know when it's all kicking off. I mean, for the most part I do know what is going to happen and what to expect but it all feels a bit fuzzy when I try to remember what happened first time around. To be fair I think I can blame the 48+ hours of early labour and about 3 hours sleep in that time Good thing that I still have about 10 weeks to go until my due date and can get some research done!

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I'm pregnant with my fourth and, even though I am still early on, I already have anxiety thinking about delivery. Here's one thing I do know- it rarely ever goes the way you are expecting it.

My first delivery was an induction. It was quick and smooth sailing. Then I went into labor naturally with my second. I was expecting it to last about the same length of time (7-8 hours) except she arrived just 3.5 hours after my first contraction. So then I was nearing delivery with my third and figured I better get to the hospital MUCH quicker this time because I just barely made it with my second. So I got there early and my labor and delivery ended up lasting 16 hours! It was smooth, with no complications.. but DD2 was just taking her sweet time arriving. I never expected it to last so long since my second was so quick.

So this time around I'm just going to go with the flow. It's all I can do.

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I was just thinking this the other night LyAnne, so much so I ordered the What to Expect book even though I'm about two trimesters too late
My son will be seven when this baby is due and I was saying to my mum its like being pregnant and a new mum for the first time all over again and its bloody scary.
Also with my first I was induced due to my waters going and having Strep B so nervous about going naturally!!

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i gave birth to my second 5 months ago. it was totally different. with my first 3 years ago i was induced. i had a pessary. went into an hour later and had her 6 hours later.

with my son he was 4 days late. i went to bed with no idea he was going to be in my arms in 5 hours. i woke up at 2.40am feeling abit strange and crampy. went to the loo. had a show. felt a mild contraction. figured it was nothing and went back to bed. then ten mins later i went for a bath. i was contracting every 3 minutes from getting in the bath. i could talk through them though and were not to bad at all. at 3.10 i rang my mum to have my other child. she told me to ring the midwife first. had a brief chat with the midwife. said i was contracting and having them every 3 minutes but was ok. she advised me to take my daughter to my mums and go over when the pain was worse or whenever i felt ready... 3.40 my partner left and took my daughter to my mums. he was back at 3.55 and i was in pain and breathing through it now. i rang the hopsital. we left the house at 4.05. contracted every 2-3 miniutes all the way to the hospital. got in the carpark at 4.38. contracted 3 times once i got out the car (everything kicked in more when i stood up) met the midwife in the corridor at 4.45. wheeled me to the labour suite. 5 minutes after getting in i said i need to push. my son was born at 5.17pm. was a nice easy labour. alot less painful than my induction. still hurt at the end but had gas and air.

it will just go however it goes on the day hun. thats how it was for me anyway lol. no point planning in that sense x

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