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Think my waters may be leaking

I keep feeling wet down there. Went out this morning and within half an hr my knickers were wet. I'm not peeing i dont think as I've made a point of going more regularly today and still feeling wet.
I guess it could be watery discharge but this is alot for discharge! And it is clear.

I'll speak to my midwives tomorrow as I'm not in pain or any discomfort but has anyone else found that discharge has become really watery? Or does this sound more like waters?

Thankyou x

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Mum (Mom)
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Put a pad on and you'll have a better idea of whether it's fluid or discharge x

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Mum (Mom)
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I leaked fluid after my sweep with my first. I just had to go into the hospital - they tested the fluid and confirmed it was amniotic. I was induced the next day. Its important to get it checked as a leak can result in an infection. Good luck.

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My waters always leaked before I went into labor. You can use pH paper to see if it's likely amniotic fluid. I used this both times and then knew to go to the hospital. I also noticed that it would leak when I was just sitting in a chair which was another sign it wasn't urine.

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I agree with the other ladies, call your midwife tomorrow and get checked just in case

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