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Aw thank you ladies for your replies. It's meant to be the most beautiful natural thing in the world, yet it can make you feel soooo bad physically and mentally. I just want to get to around 38 weeks and him make an appearance im sooo ready for it. God this sucks. I suppose at least i can say I'm having my baby next month now. Or maybe this month if I'm lucky lol. X
Aww at least you see a good side about having a baby either this month or next i didnt relise that im a few weeks behind you and honsetly i cant wait for it to be over but im actually so glad that she is a girl cos i dont kno how i would cope if it was another boy this too is a final baby so we too are shutting up shop as medically ahould have stopped when i had a mesh fitted so there is no side affects or guidlines to pregnancys and a major mesh surgery so in a lot off pain
It also seems that any one that tries so hard for there babies me being one tried for 8 months to concieve this mirical and i seem to be in so much pain and having most awfull pregnancy where as some people full pregnant not trying and just sail through like nothing is happeneing i think since the nursery and babys stuff is now all set up and ready it seems its started to drag i had a awful pregnancy from 8 weeks till 33 weeks and then the best 8 weeks and she is the oposit best 30 weeks and now everything that can go wrong is hopefully you dont go the whole 10 youve made it so far every day is a day closer xx
I know what you mean. I've got so many annoying friends who have had no pregnancy issues and just bang on about how much they loved it. It makes me so sad that i can't be one of these women. It is the most amazing feeling though to know that i don't have to go through this again, each pregnancy has got that bit worse. Sorry you're having a tough last few weeks aswel. Thank god July is next month thats all I can say!!! X
LMAO I have no pregnancy issues and I still bitch about how much I hate it! I just don't understand the women who say they love it. Which part do you love? The pelvic pain? The heartburn? The nausea? The ligament pain? Being hot all the time? Needing to pee every three seconds? Swollen feet? Discharge?

Lol maybe I'm just a negative person, but I honestly hate being pregnant. But I love the end result, so it's worth it.

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