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Importance of cervix location around 29-30 weeks?

So, for the past 2-3 weeks, since just casually checking cervix, it's been very high. I haven't even been able to reach. Today though it has come back down to where I can reach and it's soft, pursed lips. It feels like... a ring that I pinched the sides together. (A very long oval.) But doesn't necessarily feel "open"... I wish I knew more about position and if it means anything. I have an appointment on Friday so I'm gonna request a check.

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Cervixs will change position even up to when you deliever mine goes from very foward to really back and high it all just depends too on where and how baby is laying because it wont do what its nent to do until it has the pressure off the head so being engaged my dd is head down but head is free there just waiting on the transition now could happenvany time between now and she is delievered ps cervixs is 1-2 cm open for me as i lose my plug all the time so when i lose a load i can feel more xx

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The doctor almost couldn’t reach my cervix at the hospital on Wednesday and I was 4cm dilated, gave birth an hour later I was totally worried about it too as I had been checking it during the last week or so and it was soooo high and seemed closed. It was also super posterior, so just in general very difficult to reach. Doesn’t seem to mean anything!

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