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So with ds3 sex kicked started my labour so me and other half hasnt been having sex and if we do then he dosent finish the deed inside last week we had a in the moment and absaloutly nothing happened afterwards.
Today however we decided if she wasnt ready nothing would help so we did the deed and had braxton hicks for like 6 hours after but died down still here and there but there is some extreme presure now in my pelvis and i can cross my legs or they cant touch could sex really speed things up if it wasnt ready to be done
That might sound crazy but if your body isnt ready anything you try wouldnt work but last week we wasnt in a she could come early to know she is ready meassuring 5 weeks bigger could the sex or anything if we tried start things quiker

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On the whole I don't think it would make any difference if your body and the baby are not ready. Once you are ready I think sex can kick start labour. It seemed to work for me when I was overdue with our 1st. If you are at risk of premature labour you might need to be cautious though. In that case your body might decide its ready before baby is. I think personally I'd be inclined to hold off until after 36 weeks at least, especially if you are getting symptoms afterwards. You could ask your MW what she advises.

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Sex will not bring in premature labour unless your cervix had began dilating prematurely, if it were a danger to you your midwife would have told you to avoid it.

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Sex can definitely bring on labor if your cervix has started changing (effacing and dilating) but it won't bring on labor if your body isn't ready. As long as your cervix is nice and long, sex is fine.

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