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Body image issues

I am 32 +4 with my second... last time I hardly gained any weight because of morning sickness, and afterward I got back into shape fairly quickly and lost the extra pounds and then some. I started out about 15lbs lighter this time than I did last time, but this time I have gained 22 lbs even after being down 7lbs in the beginning from morning sickness... so it feels like 29 lbs, really. I feel SO shallow caring so much, but I look at the few stretch marks around my belly button (that are beginning to get purple) and I can't help but feel a wave of consuming darkness over what my body will look like. It's a constant battle in my mind... I hate how much I care, but I can't seem to shake it. It doesn't help that this is such a miserable pregnancy... I am usually very fit and active, but my energy levels have been SO low that I drag during any workout. We try to walk every day but it doesn't feel like enough for me. Not to mention my blood sugar levels have been very low this pregnancy, so I'm always feeling faint, and hungry allll the time. My butt is sagging and I'm to the point where I don't feel like I look good in any of my clothes anymore. I'm even to the point for the first time ever that I'm avoiding my hubby in the bed because I just don't feel sexy.
The guilt, too, when I think about how many women have been through SO much more, and I'm over here all freaked out about a few small stretch marks and some extra pounds. Just makes me feel like a shallow piece of dirt.
There's really no point to this post other than a rant, maybe some other view points I could read about this, or how some of you overcame a similar situation.

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Im on 4 baby and im awful ive got stretch marks reaching side to side and tbh my oh loves them as they created his children and tbh ask your hubby as if he dosent care for them or if you weighted a little more is this really good for your mental state a man can just as much put you down as your self but he might be able to tell you how much he loves how well your coping i started off extremly toned gym 8 times a weeks ad classes everyday a size nothing before kids and like a cup boobs to 6 years later 3 kids i was before being pregnant a size 12 wobbly all over with a better bum and d cup boobs to put on loads of weight at wotk so when we tried i think i was a siz 18 we got back to a ideal weight which was still bmi of 26.1 so just above average but now im in size 18/20 bigger then i have ever been im not in love with my body and cant wait to get back to me again i kno its not going to be perfect but to me it grew 4 tiny humans and they dont care how you look as long as you dont body shame your self in fronth of them as it gives them the mind fram that you wouldnt want for kids you never want to be the lady at the super market with the kids asking someone ehy there so fat as that reflects on us as parents slamming our selfs they dont kno about beauty or size they care about heart and love xx

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Before I started having children, I was an equestrian who rode horses 5 times a week so you can imagine how I miss that look. I had a six pack, muscles in my arms, nice toned butt and I weighed only 115 lbs. Now 4 kids later and one on the way I have so many stretch marks that my belly looks like a road map, my arms are saggy, my butt has stretch marks along with rolls, my thighs have stretch marks, I have a double chin and currently I weigh 175 lbs. I was just talking to my DH about how I wish I could lose the weight after this - our last - baby and get back down to my old weight again. He told me, and I'll pass it on to you, that he doesn't want me to ever be that thin again. He likes the new me, the curvy girl I am now. It made my day. It makes me wonder if body image isn't all in our heads. Most men probably love girls with meat on their bones more so than the skinny twigs we see in magazines that we try our hardest to mimic. There is one thing that you have that they don't... a family. No celebs last that long, and even if they do have kids, chances are they were able to afford the best antidotes to cover it up. Love yourself hun and the little people you made

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Itís so hard isnít it, I had a massive low after my first was born trying to figure out how to dress and love my new body. I actually lost the weight quite quickly and didnít get many stretch marks but my biggest struggle was my boobs. I remember crying to OH about wanting to cut them off with a pair of scissors! Iím over that now and pregnant again, hoping I donít get those feelings again but if I do Iíll be able to keep in mind how I got through it last time.

Weíve got two weddings shortly after this one will be born so Iíve already been worrying about what to wear for those, fitting my new body and being breast feeding friendly! Trying not to get hung up on it though, Iíll wait until baby arrives and then look for something!

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I'm going through the same thing, I was down about 26lbs and have gained it all back with this pregnancy. But I can't wait to get back to exercising! I see it as a challenge for me and I know it's going to be a struggle; considering I have loose skin on the lower part of my stomach and I have to accept that I may never lose that. But I know that I'll see the success of my efforts after my son is born and know that I can get back down to 180 or somewhere near there. I understand my body won't ever be the same as it once was, but I know what it's capable of. Don't stress too much about it, our bodies are doing wonderful things right now and we're all different on how we lose that weight afterwards.

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