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36 week scan ~ 95th percentile in weight & belly

Hi ladies

I can't stop crying!

This is. Y 2nd baby, with my first I had gestational diabetes and she was born 8.3 at 39 weeks. This time I've managed to dodge diabetes. Yay for me, so I thought.

Today was my 36 week scan (I'm dead on 36 weeks today) ~ I went in with a totally open mind as I know they can be off by a 1lb or so. She said to me that the baby's tummy was on the 95th percentile and measuring big ....already at 7bl9

I said to the sonographer that I know they can be inaccurate sometimes trying to laugh off her weight a little and she assures me that she got a pretty good measurement as the baby was playing ball!

I have the worst hemorroids and am practically laid up in bed as well as a constant water infection. So to hear I'm having a giagantic baby has left me in floods of tears.

I see my midwife tomorrow and I'm contemplating asking for an induction or c section asap.

I think the belly issue (esp of she's growing at this rate) can cause issues...

What would you ladies do in my situation? Anybof you had this before...?

Please help xx

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I don't have any experience in this I'm afraid so not much use, but if i were in your position i would definitely be asking to see a consultant and request an induction maybe 38-39 weeks? The weight could still be slightly inaccurate though despite what the sonographer says as nearly everyone i know or read about in forums gets completely different estimated weights to when their babies are born! Speak to your midwife and see what she says you are more or less the same gestation as me, its getting hard now isn't it, I've seriously had enough now! X

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I had gd with all 3 and fairly small babies - all had big tummies and I was told it doesnít really matter as the tummy is soft and squishy and itís really big heads they are more cautious about.

My sister has gd - late diagnosis and her baby at 36 weeks was 7lb approx with a 99th centile tummy and they are not worried as her sugars are well controlled (diet no meds) and she wonít be induced until 40+6.

All that being said - have you tested your blood sugar? If you are now diabetic they need to act appropriately and review you. I developed it later with number 3 than number 2 - it is so rare to not get it in further pregnancies unless you lost a lot of weight etc.

I was in my 20s, no family history (except now my sister) and 110lbs when I had gd. I never relied on the gtt and just tested my own sugars.

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7.6 is okay for size as many people average babies in 8/9lb now days i kno my second son was born 35 weeks weighted 6.4 and first son at 35 week weighted 7.1 but they where tiny babies and tummy sizes can be incorrect as baby could have just had a feed so swallowed more fluid or needed to empty the bladder so it can always be incorrrect i to agree with whats said above about the head measuring big is the only indication my last scan she was weighting 5.12 that was a good few weeks ago and i still have another 5 weeks xx

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I ended up going into labor with my last baby at 35 weeks and he weighed 7lbs 10.5oz. They knew he was going to be big, as I had a scan a week before and they told me he was already 7lbs 1oz so the ultrasound was pretty accurate for me. It's hard for them to be off by much as long as the tech was thorough. On a side note he weighed 4lbs 3oz at my 30 week scan while this baby I'm carrying now was estimated 4lbs 12oz at 30 weeks (and believe me when I say the tech was VERY thorough... even measured my cervix since I have a slight risk of premature labor) so I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I don't believe that I'll go to my due date, but if I do, I'm still going to try to birth this baby naturally. I trust my body and my midwife to tell me if something is wrong, as my DH was over 10 pounds at birth and his mother somehow managed to birth him naturally. Our bodies were meant to do this after all

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I am exactly 36 weeks on Sunday coming and my next scan is Monday. I have had loads of growth scans.
With my first son i did not have GD and again i do not, after 2 tests.
My first son was 40+5 and 8lb 120z.
My current son is measuring 97th% percentile since week 24!!! He's going to be huge!!
However i have been diagnosed with polyhydramnios so they are going to do an ECV next week, get him head down and then break my waters to avoid him popping back out, so i am glad he will be here next week so should only be about 7/8lbs.

Its scary i know and to think what happens if we go full term weighing so much. My son got stuck and stopped breathing and nearly had his collar bone broke until i gave it all in my last push and got him out, so all i have been thinking is, if this ones even bigger there is no way he is coming out!!

Midwives have been really good in re-assuring me that if he is big he will be fine as second pregnancy the body knows what to do, everything is a bit more relaxed and labour is a bit quicker, usually.

Try to stay positive, chunky babies are the best babies. However, i do believe if baby is big you can ask for an induction from 37 weeks, as they offered me a sweep. (Depends if you're in the UK or not, but UK will usually let you have a sweep at 37/38 weeks)

The baby measuring big with a big belly is no cause for worries, so try not to be concerned, it just means you have a really healthy strong placenta creating a very good baby xx

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I have big babies every time and no gd. This baby is 7lbs 15oz at 35 week and im measuring more than 99th centile and 40 weeks 5 days pregnant!!
Ill be induced at 38 weeks as ive been with them all, there is nothing to worry about. Big is good an healthy!!!
Do you not see consultant every visit? Im sure if they were worried at all they would have called one to see you

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