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This is a 4 year old question butttt I am confused as to why in the 3rd tri...

Hi so this is a dour year old question but going through some of my med records I found one inquiry interesting. In 2014 my LMP was April 7 2014. I found out I was pregnant on 4/29-4/30 of the same month. Doc told me I was super early like 1-2 weeks based on a 37HCG level. I was given a 01/08/15 due date based off ultrasound. Throughout my pregnancy it was 01/08/15 until I just viewed on one of the papers dated 11/03/14 had me at 32 weeks 2 days with a due date of 12/27/2014? Was this a typo? The other paperwork has me at 30w4days. My daughter came on December 20, 2014 @ 37 weeks. So I am all confused if this particular u/s tech did it wrong. December 27th would've put me at like 39 weeks or so I think???

Not sure if she just did it wrong or what since her date of 12/27 doesn't even match my LMP or all earlier scans. I've always had the 01/08 EDD given via u/s. I delivered at 37 weeks on neither dates given. Baby came 12/20/14. I'm going to call docs office they will probably think I am cray

Two different paperwork's have me at two different weeks 11/03

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I can only think of two reasons for this, either its a typo which will probably be the answer they'll give you; or the ultrasound tech decided you were measuring two weeks ahead. If you're interested there is no harm in asking but I'm not sure what answer you'll get 4 years on.

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