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Old Jul 1st, 2018, 12:18 PM   11
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I still have a breech baby now at 36+1. She has never been head down, always flipped between transverse and breech I have another app on Thursday to see if she’s still breech then will decide what to do from there.

You still have a good amount of time for him to move so fingers crossed!!

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Old Jul 2nd, 2018, 08:41 AM   12
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Thanks everyone! It's really reassuring to hear all these stories about the baby flipping later!

I don't think I'd be so worried except for the fact that he's gigantic. His measurements from my ultrasound a week ago put him at 3 weeks ahead. I mean, we knew he was going to be big since my first came out at almost 10 pounds, but I'm just worried that he doesn't have much room to flip. His head is still in my ribs as of now lmao it's such a strange feeling.

The ultrasound tech did say I had good amniotic fluid levels, which helps them to flip, so I've got that going for me lol.

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Fluid levels are important!! I hope he flips soon for you head in the ribs can’t be comfortable.

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