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Hoping things are starting any tips please??

Right so this evening i have had alot of tightenings, i think they're braxton hicks but the odd one is longer and more intense so could be things starting. I've been for a short brisk-ish walk and been on my ball all evening. What else could i do to keep things moving in the right direction. Sex is a no-no due to partner being out this evening.

Im 38+2 and feeling a bit all over the shop last day or so. Emotions are running wild but I'm feeling good energy wise and have been fairly mobile aswell.

Please keep fingers crossed this baby is on his way out!! Xx

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Nipple stimulation, if you're in actual labor it will progress things!

Just kind of trust your body, hip movements and walking that feels right. Active labor with progress with or without your help. I mean I laid in hospital bed for. most of my first, hehe.

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