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Surgery in third trimester

Anyone have surgery in the third trimester?
I have tennis elbow & have had 2 rounds of cortisone shots. Itís not helping anymore & Iíve been told surgery is the only way it will heal. I have a call in to both my ob & orthopedic dr. I canít tolerate it anymore. I canít even lift a coffee cup or brush my hair. It can be done with a local block and not general anesthesia. If I can get them to approve it I think I need to do it. Everyone says wait until after the baby is born, but how the heck am I supposed to care for a newborn (plus 9 other kids!) while I canít use my right arm at all?! Seems to me, since I need to slow down anyway now this would be a good time. I also have extra help for summer.

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It should be fine with a block - the big concern would be pain management after - but I'd be surprised if the orthopedist is willing to do it since pregnancy affects all the tendons and joints and he/she would probably want to wait until several weeks after the birth.

That's the rational I've been getting from my podiatrist waiting to deal with my bunions, but there's a big difference between what the elbow has to endure versus the feet.

I hope they're able to help you. I've only ever had minor issues with my elbow and even those could leave me in tears.

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I had surgery during my second trimester, really different given it was essential for my babies survival. Your doctors won't do it if it's not safe, I'd just trust their advice sounds awful xx

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I would do it now if I were you also. I imagine the recovery will be much easier without a newborn or small baby!

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