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Gestational diabetes & metformin

As soon as they told me July 12th that I had gestational diabetes I knew I would have to be put on meds. Until recently I haven't been eating well at all, I can barely get food in at all. All of my glucose numbers are good except for my fasting numbers. They are all over. So today they put me on meds.

I have been offered metformin in the past for having a high dhea level but refused it. I wanted to try to get my problems under control naturally first. The Dr today wanted to put me on another Med but I have done the research on metformin so I felt more comfortable with that. My mom has also been on metformin in the past for hormonal issues.

Has anyone taken metformin for gestational diabetes? Just looking for some insight..

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I am on it at the moment, two tablets at night plus overnight slow release insulin as it was my dinner and fasting numbers I couldn't get down even with diet. They told me it might cause an upset stomach but I have felt fine on it and it definitely helped my numbers.

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