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Barely any weight gain

Hey guys this is my 1st post. I was here with my 1st 6.5 years ago and I really enjoyed the advice and stories. But today I'm concerned. Im 28 weeks and I've only gained 2lbs. My dr said that hes not overly concerned but if I dont gain weight what will be left of me once i give birth since my baby is taking everything from me. I've had a stress full pregnancy. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed in June so my appetite plummeted. I eat daily now but not huge meals. Anyone else been in this situation I need success stories. I intend to try to eat more but ehat if I just cant pack on the pounds. My lo weighs 2lbs im 161 5'4

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The most I ever gained by the end of my previous 2 pregnancies was 14lbs, it's fairly common to actually lose weight in the beginning too, which you must have done to have only gained 2lbs but have an over 2lb baby, placenta fluid etc. Im sure in the next 12 weeks you will starting gaining some more x

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With my first two, I suffered from hyperemesis for 6 months, then only had about 1 month of feeling okay before heartburn and reflux made it hard to eat. Each time I gain about 5 pounds but byhe end of the pregnancy, and weighed much less after delivery than before getting pregnant. I'm on the slim side of a healthy weight to start off with, but my babies were.fine, and I was too. My doctor said he would only worry if baby's growth slowed, I was dehydrated, or experiencing faintness, shakiness or other physical symptoms of malnutrition. He advised to eat what I could when I could, but not let food consumption become a major stressor.

I really pay attention to getting extra calories for me in the first month or two after delivery since you just forget to take care yourself. Milkshakes, nuts, protein bars, and other nutrient-dense snacks that were easy to eat w one hand were great.

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Iím 29 weeks and have only gained 3lb, Iíve got Gestational diabetes, my sugar lump is weighing an estimated 3lb atm, so Iíve in fact lost weight. Doctors arenít worried as baby is growing well, sheís above the 97th centile

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