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Obstetric Cholestasis :(

Last week I mentioned to my obstetrician that I was always itchy and that my skin feels like itís on fire. My HG has kicked off again (mostly just puking bile) and Iíve been having issues when it comes to bleeding and not being able to stop (like nose bleeds, bleeding gums, lips and mouth etc.)

I went back for the results of my blood work today and the first thing my doctor said was ďthereís no major problems and my iron levels are responding well to the infusion.Ē At the time he seemed to be looking at the screen pretty intently and asked a couple of times to chec that my test had been done a week ago. I told him I was managing with the itchiness and went on my way.

Fifteen minutes later he called my mobile and said heíd spoken to the head obstetrician at one of the big maternity hospitals and I had to start on Ursofalk straight away - three times a day and if things improved it would confirm the diagnosis of OC. He then called me back a few hours later to let me know heíd found out how expensive the medication was ($160!!) and that heíd sourced it for me from the hospital pharmacy for free.

Iím so confused how I went from ďno major concernsĒ to three tablets a day for the rest of my pregnancy in the space of 15 minutes. Now Iím worried that Iíll have complications and that baby will need to be delivered early.

Can you have OC and have blood work that doesnít really show itís severe? Iím guessing something showed up or he was concerned to have even called the other OB anyway.

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How far a long are you? A lot of doctors have never seen it. At my hospital they have to send the blood away to even get it tested! I'd call back and want some answers and what your bile levels were. Im not sure with the medication, as i was close to 36 weeks and never started them cause it takes 2 weeks to kick in and i was induced because of OC, but I'm not sure if the medicine makes it go away and if it doesnt, then you need to get stress test done and other things... I'd call back. Not a lot of info on something that can be serious!!

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