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Pain in lower abdomen-30 weeks

I'm experiencing a pain very low down mostly when I stand up, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have been told I'm at a higher risk of pre-term labour due to a short cervix.

I wondered if anyone else has experienced's a mix of stretching pain and a dull ache.

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I get initial pain when i first stand up which then goes once I start to walk, Im just assuming its the position of the baby and the pressure its pushing down there.

If you are worried or it doesnt feel 'right' then give your mw a call for some reassurance xx

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Sometimes i get pain low down as well. I think it depends how she is sat. However as yoiur at risk maybe call your midwife and see what they say.

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I definitely get this as well, but if you`re at rist for PTL then I would ring the midwife all the same

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