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Can you take a bath after you give birth?

If you have your baby in the hospital...after you have your baby, what happens?

You have the baby, you deliver the placenta, then what? Do they clean baby off and then give it to you for a few mintues? Or do they take it to a nursery? Can you take a bath?

Help me? lol

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I can only speak from personal Experience Which was different both times.

1st Birth They put her straight onto my chest and then took her away to clean her up and I had to wait for the Epidural to ware off before I could take a shower. I was so exhausted after a 36hr labour that I fell asleep after my shower and woke up with her snug in her bed beside me (I bottle fed so I think they gave her the first feed Kind of a blur for me)

2nd Birth, My son came out with the cord wrapped around his neck arms through his leg and back around, I had some decelerations during pushing aswell, After he was born they let his father cut the cord and put him straight under a heated light cleaned him up and handed him to me about 15 minutes later. I then took a shower, had no epidural so didnt need to wait this time

Neither of my 2 previous children had a bath until the next day, Not sure if thats routine or just the way my hospital works (im in australia)

Hope that helps in some way

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Ideally you spend some time with the baby and then can get up and take a bath or a shower. I think I'd opt for a shower.

And if someone tried to take my baby to a nursery I'd bite em!

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Hey, I think its normal practice for you to have a quick shower, as they don't like you in a hot environment for too long incase you get woosy.....I was advised not even to wash my hair, as they have alot of women who end up on their butt

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With Caitlin they only had showers in the hospital so I had one but I had Thomas at home and had a bath, but I think I would have been better having a shower! Lowering yourself into a bath not long after having a baby is hard even if the midwifes help you! LOL xx

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I did!

I had my little girl, she was given a quick wipe before she was handed to me but still had a bit of goop on her! I had a cuddle, breastfed and was stitched up then was offered a bath as soon as possible after. It was lovely albeit a bit cold for my liking and no products were allowed because of stitches etc. I think they advise not using any perfumed products anyway so that you smell like you and baby recognises it. But yes, you should be allowed a bath xx

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My son was placed straight on my stomach when he was born. After a few minutes the cord was clamped and I delivered the placenta. Then they stitched me up, which seemed to take ages! After that, I was sent to have a shower whilst they cleaned up baby and weighed him. Once I was out of the shower we were moved from labour ward up to the postnatal ward, the whole thing took several hours after the actual birth. Hope that helps!

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My son was given straight to me and they then left us for about 30 mins then they returned I had a fantastc quick bath and they dressed Kai while I was in there.

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when I had my first, they filled the birth pool again and we all got in, hubs me and baby! Straight after she was born.

With my second it was an apidural, I spent about 20-30 mins, cuddling, feeding her, then husband held her and I had a shower.

With my third, it was also an epidural, unfortunately I lost the feeling in one of my legs for 12 hours after the birth, so after he was born, my husband held him and I had to be helped to have a shower...can you believe I was more embaressed about that, than I was about the labour! lol.

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i had my baby, had my stitches whilst her dad fed her, i had a cuddle for abit and some toast, then mw ran me a bath and helped me get changed etc, she said i had to leave door open incase but i had ensuite room. xx

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