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Hair straightening when pregnant/breastfeeding

Hi ladies,

I straighten my hair once a year, the rebonding process i.e. I just want to know if anyone could answer these questions:

1. Is it okay to get hair straightened when 29 weeks pregnant, as long as the parlour is safe and well-ventilated?

2. My stylist, on the other hand, told me that my hair, which is already changing texture thanks to my hormones, may react a bit differently to the rebonding chemicals, which is why she has asked me to keep off hair straightening till April/May when Bubs is born. I just want to know, can your hair be straightened when you are breastfeeding? Is it safe for the baby and us?

3. If I do do it after Bubs is born, I may have to wait for the customary postpartum hair loss ( ). When does hair get back to normal growth and texture after pregnancy?

Sorry for all these Qs. Would be grateful if you could answer.


- SS

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I really don't have much advice, as I never do this (I have the opposite problem - straight hair LOL) but I would think it would be fine after the baby is born.

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I would not have your hair chemically straightened until bubz is born. I am not sure about the affects on breast milk, but I would imagine its very very minimal

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I asked a friend who is a very experienced hair dresser and lecturer in a college and she said she probably wouldn't recommened in the same way you should avoid perms as the hair can react differently with chemicals when your hormones are different. If you are still desperate can you get your stylist to do a strand test? xxxx

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My mom is a hairstylist and she said no hair straightening while pregnant or breastfeeding. I really wanted to get mine done also, but I looked online to and most products advise against it also so I wouldn't do it.

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