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34 weeks pain on left side of stomach

Hey girls.. I am 34 weeks and yesterday started having a constant ache on the left side of my stomach about 2" to the left from my belly button. It continued to get worse overnight and today it is very painful, constant ache and strong pain when I walk. Even just laying still it aches. Baby is moving (though less then usual but still an acceptable amount). The pains not getting better though Today the pain has moved up and is from belly button height almost to my ribs.

Any ideas what this could be? I have a call in to the Dr. and am waiting for the nurse to call back. I would say on a scale of 1-10 it is a 6-6.5 pain wise and I have a pretty strong pain tolerance.

My biggest concern is i know I have an aneterior placenta so I'm worried somethings happening to it since the pain is so close to where I know my placenta is attached? I first thought just a ligmament pain but I've had those iwth my other babies and usually didnt hurt when laying resting totally still, only hurt when moving. Any ideas??

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Hey hun i had something similar last week but it was just where little girl was lying really awkward it was horrid made me feel sick!
Hope you feel better soon did you hear back from the docs?

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I have been having a pain similar to this on/off. Mine is on my right side and I also have an anterior placenta which is toward the right so it got me scared for a bit.

I managed to figure out the pain was trapped gas though, the baby is moving fine but I think all my insides have shifted and whenever I get any kind of stomach complaint I seem to feel it in a completely different place than I used to!

Just make sure if you have any worries you contact the midwife asap, I didn't but would have done if it was v. painful or went on for more than a day, hope everything's fine tho!

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