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What does "back waters" mean?

As title says.

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Hi when i was having my 1st ds i was told that it was smaller bag of water or something on them lines in front of your main sack but i cant fully remember what they said because it was 7 years ago and i had started leaking from it at about 30 weeks but i dont think its anything to worry about they just kept an eye on me and i had a couple more scan so they knew that the main sack was fine and he was born at 42 weeks hope that helps

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I was wondering the same...and is back waters and hind waters the same thing? I'm assuming so by the name....thanks for the thread, interested to hear the answers

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i was wondering this too...

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When I went into hospital with my son,I thought my waters had gone but they told me it was only the forewaters.They then broke the waters with one of those hooks to start off my labour (it didnt start naturally within 48hrs).So its like a bit at the bottom (forewaters),then babys head can move in and block the rest from leaking out and the bit behind the baby is the hind waters.

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Forewaters and hind (or back) waters are all the same thing, amniotic fluid within the sac that contains your baby. However, the forewaters are the part of the fluid that is between your baby's head and the cervix once your baby's head in engaged, and the hind waters are the waters that are behng your babys head.

So, sometimes your membranes (the sac) rupture/break and the forewaters come out, but then the baby's head drops into the pelvis, preventing the hind waters coming out, or allowing the hind waters out, but only the trickle that can get past the baby's head, rather than a gush.

Hope this helps.

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