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Blood Pressure - confussed?

Got sent to the hospital yesterday as my midwife was concerned about my blood pressure. She measured it twice 120/85 and 125/100. She said it was slightly high, she then looked back through my notes and said it had gone up a lot since i first came in. When i was first pregnant it was 90/50.

I went to the hospital, had a trace that was fine, had another urine test, that was fine, did my blood pressure again 125/80 they then took bloods and sent me home.

Phoned me this morning to say bloods were fine, and they had no other concerns!

I questioned that my blood pressure was high, and she said it wasnt and they expect it to change that much when you are pregnant?

What is normal, im not back at the midwife till next weds, seems a while to wait?

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"Normal" blood pressure is generally 140/90 or under but it varies widely for everyone. The important figure is the lower one, the diastolic bp as that measures the heart during relaxation so if its high its generally showing the heart is having to work harder than normal for some reason. I would say it's important that the midwife takes several readings with a manual bp reading and some from a dynamap to (a bp that measures automatically)

As theres no protein in your urine I'm assuming they were thinking pre eclampsia and have not worried now but you can still be showing early signs of it without the protein so I would keep an eye on your blood pressure. Mine slowly creeped up and towards the end it was 150/110 and my n ormal bp is very low. In the last week I did start getting protein in the urine and my BP kept creeping up when i was pushing in labour so I think they should keep an eye on it.

I don't know whether I'd agree with the midwife on it changing that much though during pregnancy, it does change yes, but when the bottom figure goes over 90 for anyone, generally that is considered high. Just watch out for warning signs of it getting any higher like spots in front of your eyes etc but if you feel otherwise ok try not to worry too much x

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Hi hun an average blood pressure is 120/80 so I think its nothing too serious. good luck x

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Hi there

Normal BP is around 120/80 the figure that they watch is the second one called the Diastolic that should be under 100 however in pregnancy this can change so a closer look is always done should a reading become "funny" (I am an ex-paramedic) so please dont worry you readings that you have mentioned there are fine.

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Hey hunny...i was always told that they work wit a baseline for you. Like my baseline for my bp usually varies from 110/60 to 115/75 sometimes 80. Today mine has been between 125/89 to 129/90 which for me i would say is high. So ive been keeping an eye on it. If it doesnt go down i will be ringing up tonight as i have swelling in my feet too. Sorry if i wasnt much help.

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Mine is normally around 130/80 but last time was 130/90 but mw isnt

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