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what are the best pram makes?

totally clueless human being here!

i want a lovely pram, preferably one of the good makes, ive heard silvercross is known for being the best, is that true, or any others? xx

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I see lots of maxi cosis, quinny's and graco's round my area x

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i got a maxi cosi, and i love it, i did look at the silver cross 3d first though and liked that, i wanted a pram with bigger wheels though xx

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I'm getting a Mutsy 4 Rider, but it took some playing about with different kinds to decide which one we liked.

We had thought a Quinny or a Jools but on actually seeing them, pushing them about and folding them up and down we went for the Mutsy.

I would make a list of what is important to you in terms of:
weight (do you have to go up lots of stairs),
size (measure your car boot and front door!),
height (are you and OH very different heights or particularly tall or short),
kind of fabrics (colours and how cleanable or durable they seem),
types of compatible accessories,
do you want a chassis that will take a stroller seat later,
do you want the chassis to take a car seat too,
will you use it off road or just around town,

and then get to a pram centre where they will have lots of different brands.

We went back a few times before we decided, but we narrowed it down to just 3 or so pretty quickly - some just felt too flimsy, or heavy, or difficult to fold. In the end getting one with a high bassinet position, long handles, and leg room when walking behind it was important to us as we are both tall and we don't want to be bending down all the time or constantly kicking the brake bar. The assistants were very helpful at doing demos and pointing out the advantages of various kinds.

Some of the ones there that seemed to be good reputable brands that lots of people were looking at were Silver Cross, Quinny, Graco, Mamas and Papas, Oyster, and iCandy.

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I've got an icandy, you can get them cheaper on ebay and are pretty sturdy. I just really wanted it for the pram and it has a good shopping basket bit at the bottom which will come in handy. Everyone round here has a bugaboo but I've heard they aren't that reliable even though they are very pricey.

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Ive got a bugaboo and i cant wait to use it. My sister in law has it and i love pushing my niece around in it - they love it too.

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ive got icandy apple/pear my little DD loves it, very nice to push and comfy with large solid basket underneath, i had a quinny before that loved it but the basket was very fragile and small

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I went with Silvercross with my first pram for DD, as they have been around the longest/ most well known etc,

I got the 3D and was not impressed at all, wheels and handles where really loose, I then had a mamas and papas Ziko Herbie and then a Luna, and love both of them!
i got a sliver cross pop stroller and again wasnt impressed, so bought the mamas and papas tuttifrutti, and its not great but its better than the pop and HALF the price!!

not that im a pram addict at all! lol

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We're getting the Silvercross 3D for our LO. I think its a great size and not too heavy. A part from that I liked the i Candy range Visit a pram center if you can. They helped narrow our choices. Mothercare is another good bet if they have a large selection on show

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i got the silvercross freeway i love it tho ive only played with it so far lol not bad prices for them either we got ours for under 300 as it was on offer at the time xx

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