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Sneezing baby??

Lol.. I know this sounds really silly.. But can baby's sneeze inside us?? For a little while I've been getting a movement that makes me jump and the only way I can describe is it feels like LO is sneezing .. It's like a jerky vibrating movement.. Does anyone else get it??

Ooooh and also.. My OH asked me the other day if I spun around in a circle would pip get dizzy aswell.. And I looked him like he was a bit of t**t lol.. BUT would she?? Sorry it's a bit OT but I feel like I need to know now lol.

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I don't know if they can sneeze inside the womb, but my mother said that's the first thing I did when I was born (weird, but true)
And I'm not sure if they can get dizzy either, but I'm sure if they don't get dizzy with being bounced around all day by us walking, then spinning wouldn't make anyone but us dizzy

but you never know

Oh I meant to add, it probably is hiccups like the person below me said.

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its more likely that its hiccups

as for getting dizzy i dont think so as they have no awareness of which way is up, and to get dizzy you need to distort your visual and spacial brain function


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I've felt what I'm sure is a startle reflex in there. Just a little jump and pokes from several angles at once.

One of my pregnancy ticker things says my baby can cry now. I thought that was an odd thing to say, I mean it's not like they are crying in there.

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just thought i'd say on my first baby i thought the same, sneezing, but once he was born i could recognise some of his moments in my womb and what i thought was sneezing was his startle reflex, not that i have a clue why he'd be startled in the womb? also i do often wonder is baby ok to be upside down for so long 24hrs a day for weeks on end in my belly ( second pregnancy 3 weeks to go) hmmmm crazy little worries x

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