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Will I be induced if I have gestational diabetes?

Hi, when I went for my last midwife appointment I had high glucose, she is going to refer me to the hospital for their test, if it comes back that I do have it I have heard that you have to be induced at 38 weeks, does anyone know if this is true and if it is wether they induce or give you a sweep?

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Hi, I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. I was told the same that I should be induced at 38 weeks, but today when I went into diabetic clinic for a sweep and then to get my inducing date at 38 weeks, I was told that they were going to push it out a week.

So i think it depends on your situation. If you have to have insulin, they might induce you bit earlier I think, otherwise i was told today you have a sweep at 38 weeks, and then get induced at 39 weeks. They don't let you go over 40 weeks.

Hope this helps

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Its true for my hospital!!! Anywhere between 38-39 weeks to be induced, they like to get you as close to 39 weeks as poss as this means that the induction is more likely to be straight forward and less need for assistance. I had gestational diabetes with my daughter and only controlled with diet and was induced at 38wks 6 days and she weighed 5lb 12oz and this tim ei am being induced at 38weeks and 5 days and ithe GD has been insulin controlled. I think the time they induce you depends on the size of the baby and other factors like fluid levels. My daughter was only small so they wanted to leave her in and this one is average and they would have left me into the 39th week but they dontif the GD is insulin controlled.

I was not offered a sweep just told it will be the same as with my daughter and peserys to induce labour. I was also told i would be in hos for a day after baby born so that his blood sugar levels would be tested but this was nothing to worry about and they best thing to do to rectify this would be to breast feed.

I hope that answers any ques, any others then just PM me. xxx

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You don't have to be induced if you don't want to be. If you are not happy with the idea, you can refuse it. Bodily autonomy

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they dont always induce you early hun, it depends on the level of diabetes you have. some people are insulin dependant and others diet controlled

i saw the consultant every 2 weeks and he was happy to let me go as far as my due date if all was ok with lo, however when i was 37+ i had reduced movement which resulted in a visit to hosp, returning next day, kept in overnight that time, saw consultant who put me for next available induction (which happened to be 38+4)

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